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There's a team of MS paint creatures that do random events that include fighting Paint.net, rescuing a monster, getting eaten by it, running from a guy who they owe $500 to, doing missions, stopping a time stopping machine, and simply fooling around. Current chapter: Pizzanonoalofisicadoimmahatanio has created something and is probably trying to get his money back. Roup has become some kind of mutant with multiple fonts and Bulk has to do something without Roups guidance.


» Unavalible

My computer is fritzy, so I'm using my friends for awhile.

» Uhhh... Comic

For those who don't read 1kmorcs, I'm in a battle with my greatest enemy in non-existance.

» Uhhh... 100?

What can I do for #100? Do I do nothing?

» Uhhh... Help?

I'm stuck on a plot for the 8th chapter. Any ideas anyone?

And while I'm at it: http://hai.smackjeeves.com/comics/1440402/preveiw/

Any ideas for names?

» Uhhh... Comic points

Hi, anyone who's bothoring to read this. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. This comic has 4 fans and 20 PAGES. I've tryed my best to add humor and lots of varieting charictor, advertised on SHAMLESS ADVERTISMENTS and on DarkNut255's link comics, and used the best storylines I could come up with. It just hit me (Real hard with a baseball bat) that I might not be giving the people that read this what they want! So I had an idea. I still have it. It's that this news post was made to have you comment on what you wish to happen. I won't do all of the ideas but the ones that hit my head with a baseball bat I'll put in. So, while I'm typing this, I also wish to hear what I could do better in this comic and I'll try to do it.

» Uhhh... guys?

Please, forgive me for posting every 10 days. I'm not that movitated, even though this is my favourite comic I created. And sorry for the short chapters, I don't have much to put in. I'll try to make the current chapter as long as I can. Please, forgive me...

And now a word from our sponceror: $500!

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